Summer Worship Schedule

A Note from Pastor Tim Stohlberg:

  • In July and August, worship will be moved to 6:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Worship will be built around themes of Justice and Just Fun, using resources created by Spirit and Truth Publishing.
  • These services will be informal, appropriate for all ages, and will invite inter-generational gathering and discussion in small groups about what it means to be the people of God and disciples of Jesus.
  • Beyond worship, we will use this Sunday evening time to engage in activities that promote justice in our community – some of which may take us out of the sanctuary.
  • Because of these changes, we will not be streaming these services on Facebook. This in no way diminishes the value we put on those who have joined us digitally. Rather, it is to recognize and to celebrate that there are many different ways to do worship.
  • To keep our digital community connected, we will post each week’s theme on Facebook as well as questions and activities that you might engage in with family and friends.
  • We will resume streaming our services on Sunday, September 11 when we go back to our normal 10:00 am schedule.

My hope is that by implementing this schedule change, we will have a summer of fun and spiritual growth so that all of us can enter the fall season rested and ready to engage in the work that God has put before us. As your summer unfolds, may God bless you and keep you sheltered in love, grace and peace.
Pastor Tim

August Worship Gatherings

Justice and Just Fun

“Let justice roll down like mighty waters ….”

August 7 – September 4, 2022

Sunday Evenings at 6:00 PM

August 7 – Love Your Neighbor

1 John 3:16-18; 4:19-21
Justice is loving & serving others for long-term change.

August 14 – Justice is God’s Kingdom

Luke 4:18-19; 7:8-10
The realm of God is a world defined by Justice.

August 21 – Takin’ It to the Streets

With the exception of a few notable boat trips, and one ride on a
donkey, Jesus walked. By walking, he established an intimate relationship with his environment and risked encounter with those who inhabited it. Following a brief time of gathering, we will take a short walk through our community that we might see and be seen.

August 28 – Guest Speaker: Gary Sanfacon

A Caribou native, Gary has been involved in law enforcement in Aroostook County for decades, most recently as a Juvenile Community Corrections Officer. From this experience, he will share with us the challenges he sees facing Maine’s youth and families.

September 4 – The Work That Matters

Say goodbye to summer and celebrate the Labor Day as we gather to sing, pray and gather around the Lord’s Table

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