IDEAS – We Need Yours

We are changing our summer worship pattern this year and will not be sharing our Sundays with our extended Methodist family.  Pastor Tim is holding a series of Summer Worship Forums to gather ideas for our Sunday Worship Vesper Services.  If you have ideas on the character, content and themes you would like to see, the next forum will be held on Tuesday evening, May 31, beginning at 6:00 PM

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Our Teen Pentecost Worship Leaders

Our Teen Pentecost Worship Leaders

Our Pentecost Celebration was joyous! 

The worship service was led by our teens who also shared the relationship Between the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and their faith formation.

K4G children celebrated the birthday of the church with cake, candles, and birthday hats.  Adults as well as children enjoyed making a joyful noise with the squawkers.